Springtime exercise motivation ideas

March 30, 2012 2:49:56 PM PDT
Our early spring should help you shake off the winter doldrums and get you active again.

But many of us have trouble literally taking the first step.

The bad news is your risk of death is five times greater if you don't exercise than if you do.

The good news is that changing your odds is as simple as taking a regular walk, and going on from there.

Join a gym, don't join a gym, go to the park, as buds are blooming, so should your exercise.

Its springtime and we have to get you walking and running and working out.

If you feel like you're from Idaho and need some help, we've got some tips.

First, get motivated.

One way is to have a goal.

Ann Pendergist gave birth a while ago.

"Just to feel good about myself again. It makes me feel good, and if I feel good, it makes me a better mom," Pendergist said.

Set a reward for yourself.

How about a nice dessert on the weekends if you walk for an hour three times a week?

Make a bet with a friend.

"I have a client that wants to lose 10 pounds, I have another one who wants to lose 10 pounds, so we see who can do it first and the loser takes the winner to dinner or something fun like that," said Marshall Roy, a trainer at Equinox.

Another motivator is to find pleasure by doing something you enjoy.

David Bishop found the elliptical machine.

"I can't run because my knees are kind of bad, and it's a better option for people with bad knees," Bishop said.

Try getting a gadget.

A heart monitor watch or a pedometer are both pretty inexpensive, or maybe try an expensive one that tells you steps walked, stairs climbed, even how long you sleep.

Exercise is in our genes. The caveman who could outrun the saber tooth passed his genes onto us.

Now, the risks of not being fit don't have four legs, they are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks.

Support from a buddy can get you fit and pass the time.

Family members should also support you.

Sara Jarvis made up her own goal.

"Sexification, have a more fit body and just be sexier for 2012," Jarvis said.

This is not just about losing weight.

We're speaking of exercise to make use of those genes that helped our ancestors survive, and they can help you survive as well.

Exercise can mean a longer life free from disease, or if disease is also in your genes, exercise can fight it.

The pounds will come off as a benefit.

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