Video captures student's stabbing in Bayonne

April 2, 2012 8:14:06 PM PDT
The video is shaky but still startling.

It shows a group of students in an all out fight.

The clip becomes even more disturbing when it's frozen.

The girl on the left thrusts a knife into the air.

Her target was apparently the girl in the red.

In the background, a man in a uniform possibly a security guard or police officer just watches.

16-year-old Bayonne High school basketball player Aneia Williams was stabbed in the attack.

She suffered numerous head lacerations in the stabbing that her mother believes is all but being ignored by police and Bayonne High School officials.

"I cannot believe this is not important that this is being handled the way it's being handled. Like it's just no big deal," said Shalese Williams, the victim's mother.

The fight broke out seven blocks away from the school about an hour after classes let out on March 26th.

A student recorded the video and someone shot this photograph of a cop in the background as Aneia Williams was getting stabbed.

It's proof her mother says that from the beginning Bayonne Police have been slow to react to the severity of the crime.

There are serious accusations that so far have not been challenged by Bayonne Police who haven't responded to Eyewitness News' interview requests.

Meanwhile, the teenager accused of the stabbing has been released from a juvenile detention facility.

We're not identifying her because she's only 14-years-old.

She's young, but dangerous according to Shalese Williams who's concerned her daughter may once again be a target if school officials and police don't act.

"I'm concerned about everyone's safety in that school," Williams said.

"I can't afford to send my daughter to Catholic school. What are low income people supposed to do? It's scary," said Dana Zito, a parent.

Police arrested and charged the 14-year-old girl with aggravated assault and a 15-year-old girl for resisting arrest.

The school's principal tells Eyewitness News that since it happened off school grounds, it's in the hands of the police and the court system.

He is meeting with the accused students and their parents Tuesday to see if the girls will be allowed to return to this school.

"I can't wait until June comes. My daughter is out of here soon. That's scary," said Josephine Tinnirello, a parent.

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