Bronx art moves into unique mansion

April 3, 2012 2:42:50 PM PDT
You might not think of the Bronx as a destination to see art, but there's an exhibition that's changing that.

It opens in the most unlikely of spots, not a museum, but an old mansion.

The setting is what makes this exhibition so unique.

Dozens of artists are showing their work in the 117,000 square foot home.

Their work is inspired by the actual home and the neighborhood it's in.

"It was sitting here behind this fence, I didn't pay any attention to it," said Linda Cunningham, an artist.

Linda Cunningham never really noticed the massive Andrew Freedman home on the Grand Concourse, not far from her own home, but now she's moving in.

She's one of 15 artists transforming spaces there thanks to the non-profit called No Longer Empty, an art fund.

Some works will be on display in the princess ballroom.

Others are in actual bedrooms.

There are 123 bedrooms.

The home was built in the 1920's by Andrew Freedman to house poor people who had once been wealthy.

So Bronx artist "Daze" created a bright mural in a bedroom.

Down the hall there's a video installation.

Some artists are still in the midst of transforming their spaces.

Stepping into these rooms is like stepping into another space altogether.

The Mid Bronx Senior Citizens Council ran a home for the elderly in the space until 2005 and now hopes to use the building in a number of innovative ways, art is just one.

Artists are inspired by what they see and what was.

Fittingly Linda's work is called "Paradise Lost, Paradise found?"

No Longer Empty - This Side of Paradise opens Wednesday at the Andrew Freedman Home and it runs for two months.

In addition to the artwork, there are panel discussions, performances and interactive programs.

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