Apples, berries found to lessen Parkinson's risk

One million Americans suffer from Parkinson's Disease.

April 5, 2012 6:09:44 PM PDT
An apple a day may actually do more than just keep the doctor away, and the same is true for several other fruits.

Harvard University researchers discovered that eating fruits like berries and apples may help protect you from Parkinson's disease.

The researchers also found that tea and red wine had protective benefits as well.

The fruit and drinks are high in flavonoids and those pigments help decrease the onset of Parkinson's.

130,000 men and women were studied for over 20-years, and 800 developed Parkinson's.

Those who ate the most flavonoids saw a 40% decrease in contracting the disease, but only for men.

Eating berries five times a week proved to be the most beneficial.

Unfortunately, researchers don't know why they didn't see an impact for women who did the same.

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