Madison woman attacked by fox

May 3, 2012 8:38:54 PM PDT
Caroline Malia knows how lucky she is. The attack only lasted a few minutes, but it was terrifying and painful for the 23-year-old babysitter.

This morning she showed up for work at this home on Longview Avenue and she realized it wasn't a cat grabbing on to her leg - it was a fox.

"By the time I realized it was a fox, it had already bit my sweatpants," Malia said.

She says she struggled to get away from the fox, and it had locked on and wasn't letting go.

"Then we kind of stumbled down here, and then we wrestled in the grass and I screamed and yelled," Malia added.

While she was screaming, Malia's neighbor John Hamilton came to her rescue.

"I grabbed it by the neck and just pulled it off my hand and flung it into the car," Hamilton said.

The cops eventually shot and killed the animal, and now have a warning for other Madison residents.

"Usually these animals are weary of humans, so if they approach, keep your distance and do so calmly," warned Lt. Darren Dachisen of the Madison Police Department.

Police don't know what caused the fox to attack, but it is being tested for rabies.

Meanwhile, John Hamilton and Caroline Malia are relieved that the attack wasn't more serious, and that the neighborhood the kids weren't out playing.

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