Tanning laws may be tightened in New York

May 11, 2012 2:22:01 PM PDT
You wouldn't think a sun worshipper in Long Beach would have any need for an indoor tanning bed, but then you haven't met Jennifer Barisano.

Up to four times per week she broils the day away in the mike one salon, but even she has her limits. She watched with horror the news about New Jersey's so-called "tan mom" who was arrested for allegedly allowing her 5 year old in a tanning booth.

Jennifer has 12-year-old. She says the risk of cancer is just too great.

"That's a decision you make as an adult. If you want to risk something like that as an adult, risk it. But you know it's our responsibility to protect our children from everything," Barisano said.

Now, there's a push to ban kids under 18 from artificially tanning anywhere in New York state, where the department of health reports a 72 percent increase in melanoma cases.

Dermatologists say not all parents are responsible enough to understand the risks.

Right now the Empire State already bans kids 14 and under from entering a tanning booth, but if they're 15, 16 or 17, their parents can still give consent.

The state senate will take up the bill in the next few weeks.


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