MTA Chief: Inspections on subway signals may have been faked

May 16, 2012 2:56:16 PM PDT
The MTA President is saying 90 percent of inspections of New York City subway signals may have been faked.

Nine workers including a supervisor are accused of filing false reports for work they never did.

It is the central nervous system of the New York City subway. The vast network of signals that keeps thousands of trains running on-time and prevents them from colliding with one another.

But Eyewitness News has confirmed that 8 rail workers and their immediate supervisors will face criminal charges for falsifying inspection reports.

Sources familiar with the investigation say it went-on for several years. That some 15,000 subway signals were left uninspected, while records were falsified to cover it-up.

But tonight the President of the Transport Workers Union, who represents the workers and their supervisors says MTA management is to blame.

The allegations first surfaced in 2010 and the manager in-charge of the signal division was demoted.

MTA officials refused to comment on the investigation, but have insisted that safety was not compromised because of built-in fail-safe systems.

But riders we spoke with said the scandal is 'outrageous'.

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