7 ways for women to lead a better life

May 24, 2012 5:52:11 AM PDT
According to Dr. Cathleen London of the Iris Cancer Women's health center at Weill-Cornell, women who take private time for themselves are hitting the mark on the top seven ways for women to live a better life.

Step number one is to schedule some down time for yourself.

"Recharge time is your 'I'm going to take a bath' - we need that," Dr. London added.

The second step is to get in some play time. Playing is not just for children! Dr. London also says that "play time" can be a simple day at the salon, or by spending an afternoon going shopping. Or, you could also combine your play time and recharge time by having a pedicure and a cocktail.

Step number three is to get some sleep, and step number four is to get some exercise.

Step number five is to get in a mental activity, like reading a book, or learning a new language.

These are all things that keeps 73-year-old Margaret McQuade looking decades younger than her age, especially with step number six - maintain personal relationships.

"I have many friends of different ages; one's perspective of the world is interesting," said McQuade.

Step number seven is personal touch and sex. Dr. London combines these two to cover a broad range from simply snuggling with your toddler, to holding hands or having sex.

"I don't get enough of any of them in - sex? Not enough," said Ann Burden, a British Tourist.

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