60 percent of Americans are unhappy at work

May 30, 2012 3:52:27 AM PDT
Feeling fulfilled and happy on the job? Unfortunately most Americans aren't. A recent survey shows that 60 percent of people say they're unhappy at work.

With more than 12 million Americans officially out of work, and millions more simply no longer looking, happiness may take a back seat to putting food on the table.

That is why 70 percent of unhappy workers say they're not going anywhere. This caused Money Magazine to come up with some easy tips to help you get back your spark.

First, advance the biggest ball - if you feel like you're treading water with all of the tasks in front of you, decide what is most important and get it done. Studies show that workers get the most satisfaction after completing meaningful projects.

Next, focus on your own personal growth. To make it to the next level, you are going to need better skills. Try to design projects that help you get that experience, and use it to your advantage in the future.

Also, create a so-called "politics free" zone. Negativity is contagious, so try and bring an upbeat attitude to your team.

Finally, use the freedom you have earned. These days, a lot of employers offer options for workplace flexibility, like tele-commuting or work-from-home days. It is best to take advantage of those perks. After all, you're still on the clock.

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