Boxing class that helps you reduce stress

May 31, 2012 2:10:38 PM PDT
There are very few times in life when it's appropriate to punch something, but relieving stress is one of them.

"There's nothing better than hitting a bag when you're feeling tired frustrated," said Robin Hale.

The class is called Impact by Powerstrike.

It takes kickboxing to another level. First you get your gloves on and then kick and punch a freestanding bag.

"We do very simple exercises and you choose the pace of how hard you want to work out," says Ilaria Montagnani.

Impact is offered at Equinox and other gyms around the city. It was created by Ilaria Montognani, a fitness and martial arts expert with a black belt in karate.

It's a calorie-burning workout but also a surprising stress reliever.

The class provides the boxing gloves, and disposable gloves to wear underneath

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