"Millionaire Madam" makes another attempt to get out of jail

June 7, 2012 2:46:05 PM PDT
For the past four months, Kelvin Gorr has been forced to be dad and mom, with his wife, accused madam, Anna Gristina, locked up on Rikers Island.

While he has been trying to make the most of it, the family's been unable to raise the $2 million dollars bond for Gristina, charged with a single count of promoting prostitution. It's been especially tough on 9-year-old Nicholas.

Nicholas shares his mom's passion for pigs - they used to have 10 on their farm in upstate New York, but with her gone, it's been too hard to keep everything up. Now there are just two pigs left.

"I'm used to having her help with the pigs, it was something we did together," said Nicholas.

Kelvin Gorr says he's tried to shield his son from the relentless publicity

"He's asked certain questions, like 'what's a madam?' - things like that. I've danced around it. I don't want to lie but I'm certainly not going to tell him what it is," Gorr said, "he's clearly suffering. I don't know how much more he can take. Seeing him stress out the way he is, it makes it worse on me, I'm not going to lie, it's pretty bad."

There is also stress about 17-year-old Sefano. Gristina missed his prom, his birthday yesterday, and may miss his upcoming graduation.

"She cried a lot when I mentioned Stefano's graduation, she cried a lot," Gorr added.

On Thursday afternoon, Gristina's attorneys went to the Appellate Court asking for a reduction in bail for compassionate reasons. Among their arguments - that Nicholas has developed a heart murmur and psychological problems.

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