Increase in patients looking to get rid of back fat

June 13, 2012 3:03:52 PM PDT
Joann Marotto is talking about the area that women hate to hate ? their back. She wasn't aware of it until a relative gave her a hug and said something she'll never forget.

"They said 'what is that?' I said it's back fat. I'm 50 now; this is what happens as we get older," said Marotto.

"It's that first warm day in February that I start seeing patients who start thinking about their bathing suits," said Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Loverme.

His weapon of choice? Liposuction.

Dr. Loverme will first use ultrasound to melt the extra fat and then remove it. He says it's perfectly natural for both women and men to have extra fat in the back area, and up until about the age of 40, things stay put.

"In the central part of the back we have little ligaments that hold things in place so everything doesn't fall down like a sharpee," said Dr. Loverme.

That ligament can create a line and over time, thing can start changing.

"As your skin loosens up a little and sags down and pressure from your bra strap, especially women, pressing down on there, creates more of those rolls in the back," Dr. Loverme added.

So during the procedure, he will target the area just above and below that line. His goal is to smooth things out.

"It changes the way you feel about yourself, changes the way your clothing fit," said Joanne Marotto.

She says Dr. Loverne has given her loads of confidence, admitting the tables have now turned. When it comes to others, now she's the one who notices the rolls.

"I'm glad I did it, and I'd do it again," added Marotto.

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