The Naked Prince

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August 22, 2012 1:11:31 PM PDT
Harry, Harry, Harry.

The Prince, third in line to the throne, clearly not thinking or believing that he's immune to making waves, when he was photographed presumably on someone's cell phone butt-naked, wrapped around naked woman - and vice versa - and with other people obviously in the room.

A rousing game of strip billiards is reportedly what was going on. But clearly something else is going on in the head of the 27-year-old youngest son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Surely he knows he's a huge celebrity and his antics will be splashed everywhere. But he still takes his clothes off and then gets and gives the royal treatment in a Las Vegas luxury suite?

And where in the world is his security - especially when royal security costs Brits about $200 million a year? Where's the guy in charge of security saying, hey, Harry, do what you want, have a jolly good time, but please, make sure no one has a camera, and if you're going to get naked, hey, son, make sure you're alone with your friend and no one else is there, ok? Even Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, said it did seem as if someone had let their guard down.

Now the pictures of Harry - have you seen them on the web? - are everywhere, thanks to TMZ. But the pictures are secondary compared to the questions about Harry, and what his royal family will do. Maybe have a nice sit-down with the chap? It's a place to start.

We'll have the latest on the royal kerfuffle, tonight at 11.

Pres. Obama tonight returns to his favorite ATM. Two fundraisers tonight for Mr. Obama - although once again no interviews for any local media - as he hopes to raise $3 million at Lincoln Center for an all-star hoops demonstration hosted by basketball great Michael Jordan, and then more money at a private fundraiser at the Time Warner Center. All that means something of a traffic nightmare on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and we'll have the frustrating slog of traffic, tonight at 11.

And weather worries tonight in the form of Tropical Storm Isaac, which is setting sights on Haiti and Puerto Rico and Cuba and Florida. The exact tract, with 5 days still to go before it hits the U.S., is a bit uncertain, but officials planning the Republican National Convention next week in Tampa are busy making alternative arrangements. It's been nearly a century since a hurricane hit Tampa. So what happens if Isaac does come ashore in Tampa? Will they delay the convention? The Mayor of Tampa today said he's prepared to shutdown the city and kick everyone out. You can just imagine.

Meteorologist Lee Goldberg is tracking Isaac, and he'll have his AccuWeather forecast, at 11. We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Laura Behnke (in for Rob Powers) with the night's sports. I hope you can join Sade Baderinwa and me, tonight at 11.


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