65 now considered passing grade in Bayonne

August 27, 2012 3:05:32 PM PDT
Officials in a northern New Jersey school district have lowered the passing grade from 70 to 65.

It's part of a three-year pilot program for Bayonne's 9,600 students.

By lowering the standard for passing grades, the Bayonne Board of Education has certainly gained the attention of local parents, shopping today for school supplies.

"The Education Board should focus more on teaching and less on testing and scoring," one parent said.

The previous passing score for each grade was 70, as of this school year it will be 65.

The Board says the change brings Bayonne into line with other Hudson County School Districts.

Most parents Eyewitness News spoke to don't like it.

"It takes away student incentives to do better," a parent said.

The Board feels the change will help students at all levels of achievement.

In a statement, officials say:
"It is the marginal student that a passing grade of 65 will help. These students need to be given the opportunity to succeed. Having a passing grade allows students to become involved in extracurricular clubs, athletics, varsity sports, and other civic opportunities."

But even some Bayonne students are skeptical.

"The marginal students could slack off and be hurt, in the long run," a student said.

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