Fake nanny references found on website

September 10, 2012 2:16:56 PM PDT
There's an important reminder to parents about doing your homework when finding a nanny.

A Park Slope website has found some people looking for work are willing to do whatever it takes to get a job, even if that means posting fake references.

Michael Milch says he thought it would take a lot of work and lot of time to find someone he could trust to care for his son Emmitt.

But, he lucked out on his community website on the first try.

"We interviewed her and got a good feeling. We probably should have done more research but she's wonderful. It worked out," Milch said.

Park Slope Parents also offers countless resources to link parents up with would be nannies.

But recently, the website had a problem with a few nannies creating fake references, sending friends to interviews or posing as their employers online.

Fortunately, it was quickly caught by eagle eyed moderators who oversee 4,000 paid members and 1,400 nanny-related posts this year.

Founder Susan Fox sent Eyewitness News an email explaining that, "The overwhelming majority of nannies looking for work are legitimately working through the process of finding a job. We also feel that potential employers see through breaches of authenticity and that it's extremely rare that a nanny would be hired through fraudulent references. Therefore, we don't feel like this is any sort of 'emergency' situation that warrants "WARNINGS" on the local news."

Parents Eyewitness News spoke to say these websites are a useful tool when used with common sense.

"Check references a lot of research when you trust anybody with your kids especially now a days with kids getting hurt with nannies or nannies not doing the job the right way," said Andre Latinov, a father.

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