9-year-old raps about pulling up sagging pants

September 17, 2012 2:53:43 PM PDT
A 9-year-old in Brooklyn has a message to people who wear baggy pants and let them fall down. He says it's time to pull them up.

He's found quite a creative way to get his message across.

"When I turned on the TV, I saw athletes and rappers, sagging and I thought it was so wrong," said Amor Arteaga, rapper "Lilman".

Amor Arteaga didn't just think about it, the 9-year-old did something about it.

His stage name is "Lilman".

His rap and video posting on YouTube has made the fourth grader a hero to many kids in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

"For a child his age to be bringing attention to something like that, it should make the older kids feel quite ashamed," said Juan Arteaga, Amor's dad.

"Pull Ya Pants Up" addresses what many have tried to and failed, sagging jeans.

It was something Arteaga asked his dad Juan about and was quickly told, no way, no how, and same rule for 7 year old Ameer.

Arteaga agreed, and felt like those who were wearing the controversial trend, well as only a kid could put it, looked foolish.

"It's just disrespecting themselves and disrespecting others who have to watch that," Amor Arteaga said.

His video was shot in Brooklyn.

Borough president Marty Markowitz is a long time "Lilman" supporter.

Arteaga has been performing since he was 5 1/2 and has a theory why many choose to wear saggy pants.

"They're around other negativity, like cursing and stuff and they just want to act like they're bad, they can own the streets. (And be cool?) Yeah. (And you don't think it's cool?) No," Amor Arteaga said.

But Juan Arteaga admits, when his little guy decided to take this issue on, at first, as any parent would be, he was nervous. His nerves have now been replaced with pride.

"To my surprise he's been received by all of the kids and when they see him coming down the street, they're like, hey 'Lilman', I'm pulling up my pants," Juan Arteaga said.

"(Do you know you are a very, very, special little boy), Well a lot of people tell me that but I think about it a lot. (Do you believe it?) Yeah. (That's good)," Amor Arteaga said.

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