Garage sale at MOMA

November 19, 2012 2:43:58 PM PST
There's a garage sale being held at the Museum of Modern Art.

"It's a garage sale, we are selling everything," said Martha Rosler, MOMA.

14,000 items are for sale at the Meta Monumental Garage sale.

It's happening at the Museum of Modern Art's main atrium.

It's a down home ritual that the artist Martha Rosler first learned about in the 1970's when she moved to California from New York.

"There was no such thing as a garage sale in Brooklyn," Rosler said.

Martha was curious about why people were buying the items and she's found it's often not about need but desire.

"When people see something they want because people includes me, you want it, you have to have it," Rosler said.

That plays out at a fully functioning market in the museum.

The items were donated by museum staff, friends and family.

They include furniture, bric a brac, toy cars, real cars, clothes and curios.

"To be able to go home and say I bought something at MOMA, it's quite fun," a shopper said.

It's perhaps even more fun to haggle with the artist!

Or perhaps that you leave with something that's conceivably a piece of art with a story behind it.

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