Pets remain displaced after Superstorm Sandy

December 12, 2012 2:07:50 PM PST
Hundreds of pets had nowhere to go after Hurricane Sandy.

They've been at a emergency boarding facility ever since, a 20,000 square foot shelter in Brooklyn run by the ASPCA

"People that were directly affected by losing their homes , if they needed to move out while their homes were being renovated to repair damage we were able to take in their pets," said Jessica Rushin.

So far 58 pets have been able to go back home and to help re-unite the animals that were rescued, the ASPCA recently launched THIS WEBSITE, a database with photos and descriptions of lost and found pets who are still looking for their owners.

Right now 213 animals are at the shelter and keeping them healthy is top priority. Many were ill or injured when they got there and now they're in close quarters, so if one gets sick it could easily spread.

To provide medical care the government sent the National Veterinary Response Team (NVRT) vets and vet technicians from across the country.

Team commander Robin Stupack, DVM says they're running a full scale hospital.

"We have a wide variety of medications. Most medical problems we're seeing here are upper respiratory illnesses in cats and dogs, we see a lot of GI disturbances with stress diet change parasites," she said.

For now, the emergency shelter will be remain open until December 17th. But they say they will continue to work with pet owners who still need assistance after that.


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