Auction of sports photo paintings

January 23, 2013 3:38:45 PM PST
Some unique and historic sports photo paintings from Madison Square Garden could be yours and for a good cause.

"Most people when they're looking at it are not sure what they are looking at," said George Kalinsky, a sports photographer and artist.

The answer is George Kalinsky's one of a kind pieces, part photography, part painting.

"I'm trying to take my photographs and go to another level to raise the bar," Kalinsky said.

Mission accomplished with a striking image of Tiger Woods.

It now hangs in the White House, a birthday gift for the president from his wife.

Kalinsky has just about seen it all.

He's Madison Square Garden's official photographer.

For nearly half century, he's been in the unique position to work with icons.

One of his favorites is Mohammed Ali.

"He was a showman and he loved, as a matter of fact, he said the photo painting I did with him, he said it was his favorite picture," Kalinsky said.

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The series is now up for auction.

All net proceeds will benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which is near and dear to Kalinsky.

You can really appreciate his technique, which involves carefully applying acrylic paint to his photographs while studying this work.

Kalinsky explains he always pays close attention to a person's eyes.

"The eyes, hands and mouth are sort of a trio that just works," Kalinsky said.

It takes Kalinsky roughly three days to create one piece.

With each, Kalinsky says he follows his artistic instinct.

"You know when you're painting, just like writing, you know when to leave it alone, you've reached the point where if you go any further, you're going to ruin it," Kalinsky said.

Garden of Dreams George Kalinsky Collection

The 36"x 48" artwork pieces are being auctioned to the public via through Friday March 8 with a starting bid of $2,500. Fans can also purchase 18" x 24" signed poster prints for $200 and unsigned poster prints for $75. All net proceeds will benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

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