Man dies from asthma attack on unplowed road

February 12, 2013 8:10:29 PM PST
Four days after the storm, Bridgeport is still a maze of snow piles and blocked roads.

One woman believes it cost the father of her children his life.

The day after, Marinelis Sena is hurting.

"He didn't deserve this," Sena said.

She wiped the tears from her eyes as she remembered the man she loved and how he died.

"He was a great father," Sena said, "I don't understand why it wasn't plowed."

On Monday, 29-year-old Tyrone Tillman was having an asthma attack in the couple's apartment at 30 Stevens Street.

It was three days after the big storm. Bridgeport was still buried under 30 inches of snow.

Many if not most of the city's streets were clogged by mounds of snow, making it virtually impossible for cars, let alone ambulances, to pass through.

Marinelis Sena says she and her boyfriend would find that out as his life was hanging in the balance.

The asthma attack took a toll on his body.

"He looked at me and said, 'Babe this isn't good,'" Sena said, "I told him to go outside and get some fresh air. He said, 'I'm calling the ambulance.' He couldn't catch his breath. He could barely walk."

She says the ambulance asked for directions and told them to meet the medics about two blocks away.

"They just said to keep him warm and that we had to meet them on Beechmont because we couldn't get through," Sena said.

Tyrone Tillman died.

Bridgeport's Fire Chief Brian Rooney said, "The city is investigating why AMR apparently did not follow the storm protocol."

Since the storm, the chief said this procedure was followed on many occasions where the fire department responded in sport utility vehicles and Humvees from the Connecticut National Guard when ambulances were unable to reach patients because of road conditions.

AMR has not responded to Eyewitness News' repeated calls.

Meanwhile, Marinelis Sena is heartbroken.

"The pain that I'm going through doesn't make any sense. Those streets should have been plowed," Sena said.

Stevens Street has been plowed now. It's still an obstacle course.

Marinelis Sena says it hurts to see it plowed now.

She believes that had the street been plowed better Monday, Tyrone Tillman would still be there playing with his children.

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