Trampolines for exercise

February 27, 2013 2:44:26 PM PST
Sweating and smiling - that is what happens when you bounce around on a trampoline for long enough. This is the idea behind "Jump Life", a group fitness studio where everything takes place on personal trampolines.

Monserrat Markou is a massage therapist who was inspired to create classes on trampolines because she sees so many clients struggle with exercise and injury.

"I can see that the people get fit again," says Markou.

The trampoline jumping is low impact, but don't underestimate it - it is also very high cardio. There is a lot of bouncing from side-to-side, and there is also toe-tapping, heel-tapping and more complex moves.

There is a bar to balance if you need to, and for an added boost, small handweights are used for some of the moves. Then there is also the jump-dance option with a nightclub feel. All of the distractions will help you forget that you are working out.

Markou always loved doing tricks on a trampoline as a kid - little did she know she would spend so much time on one as an adult.

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