7 Blocks: College Point, Queens

7 Blocks

March 1, 2013 1:32:56 PM PST
Relaxation, and plenty of history in the College Point section of Queens.

College Point Blvd is in a part of Queens where there is no subway service.

Public transportation is left up to the buses.

When you step off this bus into this community, you step into a neighborhood full of history and a few new surprises.

The bustling Store Line Blvd. has been the community's Main Street since just after the 18 hundreds when industrialist Conrad Poppenhusen turned this once small farming community into a factory town for his goods.

But 7 blocks away is a hidden oasis that provides a getaway from the frantic pace of the area.

The Spa Castle has been called the Disneyland of spa resorts. Five stories high and stretching over 100 thousand sq feet, this import of spas popular in Korea has it all for people who like to be pampered, including 7 different types of saunas from the very hot to the very cold.

But while the spas are a big draw, so are the outdoor heated pools. Open all year round.

Tucked along the Powel Cove nearby is the upscale enclave called Malba. This is where you will find some of the most expensive homes in Queens. Back over on the College Point side with parking and driving a real challenge, the College Point shopping center along 20th ave. has become a welcome addition to the neighborhood, built across the former site of flushing airport.

However, when it comes to personal service, few can compete with this classic family run butcher shop. right on the Boulevard.

The Empire Butcher Shop is famous for its homemade bacon and hot dogs.

Locals also love the old style candy at the counter.

Shopping, history and relaxation can all be found around the 7 blocks of College Point Blvd.