2 men dead before being found in brush fire

March 7, 2013 6:56:39 PM PST
The massive blaze lit up the pre-dawn sky in Howard Beach, but firefighters soon discovered this was no simple brush fire.

In the midst of the charred grass, the bodies of two men face down, their hands bound.

Police say the men who were found bound and burned were killed before the fire.

The medical examiner says that 25-year-old Gary Lopez died of a gunshot wound to the torso.

22-year-old Rudy Superville died of stab wounds.

Investigators are looking at surveillance video from the Howard Beach area where they were found.

"We're most concerned about things like that. Who knows what could happen around here. It's very isolated," Israel Jimenez said.

That isolation may be the reason the large marshy area near Jamaica Bay has been a dumping ground for bodies before.

In 2006, the remains of 24 year old Imette St. Guillien were found just north of Wednesday's fire, dumped there by bar bouncer Daryl Littlejohn who was convicted of killing her.

Investigators working this case suspect the victims were killed elsewhere and the fire set to cover it up.

"It's definitely nothing to do with Howard Beach. You know, it was just used as a crime scene. A desolate crime scene. It's perfect for a crime," resident Diana Felago said.

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