Laughing loudly lands man in trouble

laughing summons

March 6, 2013 4:27:27 PM PST
Infectious as it is, Robert Schiarelli's laughter has put him in a precarious place, at odds with his neighbor and in trouble for disturbing the peace.

"I can't laugh out a window in my own home," Schiarelli said.

Robert, who lives with his mother Suzanne, says he has been at odds with his neighbor Donald O'Hanian for several years.

"He starts staring at me negatively mocks me," he said. "Starts eyeballing me like I did something personally to him. So the only thing I could think of to do is laugh at him."

The latest incident came last month when Robert says Mr. O'Hanian was outside in his driveway wiping down his car. Robert was standing in the bathroom with the window open.

"He just stared at me. And mocked me and did just stupid things. I knew I was being set up," he said.

Robert then began laughing. Soon after that a Rockville Centre police officer appeared.

"I am sure someone in his house called the police. Whether he personally did so, but it looked like a setup," Suzanne Schiarelli, his mother, said.

"He says just come down here right now and he gives me two appearance tickets," Robert said.

Each one was for disturbing the peace, for that night and the previous night.

On this day police were back in the neighborhood, an officer telling us the O'Hanian's want no one to enter their property after others tried to get a comment from them.

Virginia O'Hanian was quoted in a published report as saying "the police did what they thought was best."

Each of these summonses carries a $250 fine or 15 days in jail. No longer a laughing matter, Robert and his attorney showed up at Village Court and are fighting the tickets.

"I'm not going to be bullied or pushed around or told what to do," he said.

"We haven't done anything to him at all," his mother said.