Boat stuck in a yard since Hurricane Sandy

Seven On Your Side
April 26, 2013 3:06:02 PM PDT
A homeowner on Long Island had her house destroyed, and she had an added problem, someone else's boat shipwrecked on her deck!

"I am absolutely devastated beyond a doubt. I put everything I had into my house and my deck was just redone two years ago," Maharanie Singh, homeowner, said.

The "ecstasy" is pure agony for this Superstorm Sandy victim.

"The water rose really high. I'm trying not to cry, and the boat sailed over all the way from other side of the canal," she explained.

That was during Sandy, and now nearly 6 months later it's still anchored in Maharanie Singh's backyard. Her bow is embedded in the deck - 12 tons crushing down on her bulkhead, abandoned by its owner.

"He lives down in Florida he came two weeks after the storm and said how sorry he was. He took everything he needed and then he never returned my calls," Singh said.

So Maharanie filed a claim with the boat owner's insurance company, State Farm. But they denied negligence, refusing to pay to haul the boat away even though neighbors testified the craft wasn't secured properly.

"Somebody should be responsible for it's just unreal that people just don't want to help this should not be here still and every time we have more rain and win it just keeps moving and moving, moving," neighbor Christine Fabris said.

Now the 32 foot boat's causing her bulkhead to sag. The teetering Tollycraft is blocking her contractors from starting renovations.

Maharanie says she even begged her "own" home owner's insurance to haul the boat away, but got nowhere.

"Nobody wants to help nobody! The insurance companies don't want to pay. The boat owner doesn't take responsibility and I'm left with my bulkhead sinking. My pavers are sinking, my backyard is going to fall into the water," she said.

7 On Your Side couldn't let this situation sink the single woman in debt any further, so sent out an S.O.S. to State Farm.

State Farm reconsidered and paid for a crane to lift the craft, and it was bye bye boat..

"I couldn't thank you enough. Sincerely, thank you, thank you thank you," Singh said.