Dog found during Superstorm Sandy released from 'Doggie Jail"

May 1, 2013 3:41:57 PM PDT
After six months in doggy jail a Long Island lab mix, midnight, took a welcomed breath of fresh air.

He was recently sprung after quarantine for possible rabies.

"He's just like this, just cuddles up, like any other dog doesn't care," said Vet Tech Brian Zegers.

Zegers has been hanging out with Midnight at Central Veterinary Associates in Valley Stream, which has been boarding him since Superstorm Sandy.

It was around midnight, hence his name, in the aftermath of the storm.

Someone found the dog wandering around the Bergen Beach section of Brooklyn. He had a mysterious bite on his foot, no tag and no microchip and no proof of a rabies vaccine.

"If he were microchipped we could have found the owners, cell phone, would have been reunited, wouldn't have required a six month quarantine," adds Zegers.

Dr. John Charos donated space in his practice for midnight to rest up during his quarantine.

For the past several months they've been working very hard to find midnight's owners. Plastering the neighborhood where he turned up with signs, but so far, nothing.

So Wednesday, Midnight graduated from this veterinary practice, finding a temporary home with a Suffolk County rescue organization called guardians of rescue, which will work to find him a permanent home.