Long Island student is finalist in Google Doodle contest

May 1, 2013 2:34:02 PM PDT
Have you ever wondered how does Google come up those creative homepage designs?

Well, sometimes they pick the brains of little ones.

"The theme for this year was My Best Day Ever and we had a 130-thousand submissions across the entire country,"

In an auditorium of fourth graders at Stokes Elementary School in Levittown is one of the finalists of the nationwide Doodle Four Google contest.

The New York State winner is Audrey Zhang.

Audrey's proud mother recorded the moment when those with Google unveiled her daughter's design.

So what is Audrey's best day ever? She says it's the day when she discovers paradise.

"My design is to be a place that's perfect. There's nothing that's wrong with it like no pollution, nothing," Zhang said.

A panel of celebrity judges will rate Audrey's design. There's also online voting.

If Audrey wins, she'll not only get to see her design on the Google homepage for a day, but she'll also win a 30- thousand dollar college scholarship.

Her school could win a 50-thousand dollar technology grant.

"It's really amazing that I could actually win," she said.

The national winner will be announced later on this month at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.