Donald Trump hands out free money

May 8, 2013 3:07:32 PM PDT
A big money event, as only the flamboyant mogul Donald Trump could sponsor, a big money giveaway to people in need.

James Reimer, needing a double lung transplant and his wife Adena joined

A website launched by Donald Trump and partner Bill Zanker where people like the Reimers can raise capital for emergencies like the transplant and other necessities.

"It's not for handouts, it's for hard working people who need help," said Zanker.

And the event drawing hundreds of people to Trump Tower.

The Reimers were one of three who received a suitcase full of money, an additional $40,000 toward the transplant.

"We are so moved by all the support, it really is beyond words," said Adena Reimer.

Trump adds that they would love to help everyone, but there are so many people.

At the point, staff members began pulling people from the crowd, surprised and some beyond words, 10 of them were each given a check for $5,000.