Increase your odds at winning the lottery

7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda

Seven On Your Side
May 16, 2013 2:59:03 AM PDT
Eyewitness News visited one of four places in New York City that had million dollar payouts recently.

Some believe that makes it lucky, others says odds are lightning won't strike the same place twice.

But everyone it seems has their own strategy on where and how to win.

"Ask God and God will help you win," a woman said.

You may get your numbers from divine intervention or you might be superstitious.

"My daughter's birthday, my birthday, my house number," another woman said.

But if you're like some lottery players in the Bronx, it's not how, but where you buy your ticket that matters.

The tiny convenience store in Kingsbridge is one of the luckiest in the five boroughs.

Last Friday, someone bought a scratch off there worth $10,000 and last month, one of their tickets came in mega, millions that is; a quarter million dollar winner.

This was also the spot of the biggest lottery payout in the nation; a regular customer bought one of two winning tickets worth $336 million.

"I'm a winner too! I won $40! It's a start!" said Rene Colon, a lotto winner.

Rene colon is counting on the computer to pick the winning numbers for tonight's jackpot.

"Yes, I do Quick Pick a lot, maybe quick pick is a lucky thing you know," Colon said.

It may be fast and easy, but lazy is not lucky according to lucky lotto man Richard Lustig.

"Do not play Quick Pick!" Lustig said.

He's picked the winning numbers a lucky seven times, even wrote a book about it.

Richard's strategy is to first, pick your own numbers.

However you get them, once you got them do your research and stay away from numbers that have hit in the past.

"Going on line and making sure the set or sets of number have never come up before that's pretty important," Lustig said.

Lastly, Mr. Lucky says always stick with your numbers.

Eyewitness News found plenty of skepticism there was any golden method to increasing your odds.

"It's simply a matter of luck and like they say, you have to be in it to win it," a lotto player said.

That's why so many will hope pure dumb luck makes them winners.

"I'm going to buy Channel 7 with this money!" another lotto player said.