Get the most bang for your buck with tasting menus

May 28, 2013 3:32:00 PM PDT
Looking to do something special for dinner, without spending too much money?

Tasting menus are a great option.

You get to try many dishes and the nowadays, restaurants are offering affordable prices for those tastings.

So there are still some top restaurants in New York City and throughout the country that serve tasting menus that will cost 2,3,4 hundred dollars a person.

But we're seeing more restaurants offer tasting options that come in at well under 100.

"On that far end, the honey crisp apples with the lamb Carpaccio," said Brian Ghaw, "Feast".

It's one of the dishes on the "nose to tail lamb feast" offered at the East Village restaurant aptly called "Feast".

There, everything is shared. There are only feasts to choose from: a lamb, seafood and vegetarian option.

"So similar to a tasting menu, we actually get multiple plates which is nine, but it's actually broken down into three courses so it's not too time consuming, not too overwhelming," Ghaw said.

And neither is the price.

The nine-course lamb feast featuring five lamb dishes is just $48 dollars.

Tasting menus are historically a French thing, but that didn't stop "Junoon" an Indian restaurant in the Flatiron District.

"We really put our heads together with the kitchen team to come up with an experience that's traditional in terms of flavor, but yet be a little modern in the presentation so we wanted to come up with a tasting menu," said Rajesh Bhardwaj, "Junoon".

18% of diners opt for it.

In part, because some of the items aren't offered a la carte, like the lotus root three ways.

It's $75 for five courses.

Other restaurants like "Torrisi" and "Kajitsu" only offer tasting menus; both come in at well under $100.

At apiary in the East Village there's a seven courses option for $82.

That includes fish, duck and rabbit pasta. It's the way the chef prefers to eat.

"Personally, I don't like to sit for a meal that takes four hours, I like to try 3-5 courses but fast," said Scott Bryan, "Apiary".

Don't forget cheese and dessert! Ultimately none of these tasting menus will take more than a couple of hours to enjoy and their affordability offers added value.

I've never met anybody who's ordered a feast and walked out hungry, let's just say," Ghaw said.

Often these meals come with wine pairings, which of course adds to the price. But without alcohol, each place featured on Eyewitness News will be $82 or less. For more information please visit: