Showers waning, but flooding remains on Long Island

June 14, 2013 2:59:50 AM PDT
The rain is on its way out Friday, but the residual flooding could lead to some big frustrations, especially on Long Island.

Wind is expected to remain an issue throughout the day.

In Selden, the storm was at its peak around midnight, with wind-whipped rain coming down in sheets.

Cars on Route 25 had to drive to standing water, with spray almost as tall as the cars themselves, and signs that weren't secured flapped around in the high winds.

LIPA workers have been out on the roads all night. There were about 3,700 power outages at the peak of the storm, and nearly all had been restored as of early Friday.

In Long Beach, crews had to keep an eye on the storm drains. They went from one street corner to the next, clearing catch basins, after the storm triggered flash floods in several neighborhoods near the ocean.

"These drains are designed to take average rainfall," Long Beach City Manager Jack Schnirman said. "Unfortunately, now two weeks in a row, we are seeing periods of very intense rainfall, so that's something that can very easily overwhelm the system."

Schnirman said recent storms dumped sand into the city's sewer system, making it more vulnerable to flooding from far lesser storms.

"That sand from last week got stuck in some of these storm drains and had to be blasted out," he said. "And so that's what we did last week, and that's what our crews have been doing all day."

Some pooling remained on Park Avenue, with earlier flood water receeding. Now that the rain has stopped, many are hoping for a nice stretch that allows the area to dry out.

Drivers are urged to use caution and are reminded that a car can stall in only a few inches of standing water.