Two sisters found after vanishing from Yonkers home

June 17, 2013 3:25:22 AM PDT
A Yonkers neighborhood was troubled and worried, wondering how two girls, ages 13 and 6 could disappear for almost 24 hours.

The two sisters, 13-year-old Christina Quires and 6-year-old Rhianna McBean were found Sunday afternoon. Police say the girls spent the night in a nearby park.

Officials say the girls do not appear to be injured.

Both girls were last seen in the area around Willow Street on Saturday night.

"She's a 6-year-old, she's a little girl. She's probably hungry, I don't know, I can't explain it," said the missing girls' mother, Nicolar Hoilett.

Police responded in full force. They flooded the neighborhood, going door-to-door and passing out flyers. The county called in a bloodhound to help. A helicopter circled the area for much of Sunday afternoon.