Raw sewage flooding homes in Jamaica, Queens

June 18, 2013 2:23:49 PM PDT
A nasty situation is taking over several homes in Queens.

Raw sewage is now backing up and flooding basements in the Jamaica section.

Residents are upset and angry and wondering why and how this is happening.

"I'm so tired, two nights, two days, no sleeping," a resident said.

People in this neighborhood in Jamaica have been trying to keep up with the dirty water that just keeps coming from somewhere.

"We call 311, we call DEP, we even call the builders and no one gives us any answers or take any action so far," said Elliot Dcruze, a Jamaica resident.

The city's Department of Environmental Protection says this recent round of *flooding has to do with a sewer break in the area.

But people say this has been going on for years; water filling their basements after heavy rains or a snowstorm.

They want to know *why.

"Right now I have a bucket that I've physically caulked to the ground or else the water would literally leak out over the floor," said Abu Nafim, a Jamaica resident, "We can't do anything when this is happening because it comes nonstop. We can't go to work to school. We can't get anything done."

DEP says they're monitoring the situation and that an emergency contractor will be out first thing Wednesday morning.

People wonder why is it is taking so long.

"Water is not stopping at all we don't know what to do," Dcruze said.