Whistle-blower taped guards sleeping at JFK airport

June 19, 2013 3:11:45 PM PDT
A man who videotaped security guards sleeping on the job at Kennedy Airport is now the one who's been fired from his job.

He says it's because he turned in the guards who were snoozing at work.

Stephen Jackson, a former Marine and a married father of four from Staten Island, has filed a whistle-blowers lawsuit and is speaking only to Eyewitness News.

Jackson took the video in March when he was on the job as a supervisor with FJC security at Kennedy airport.

He claims he wanted to document his ongoing complaints to FJC management about their security guards sleeping while guarding critical posts.

"There are actually two of them within an hour of each other," said Jackson.

Asked what happened when he tried to bring it to their attention, Jackson says "I was reprimanded and scolded verbally and was told don't do that. I was yelled at screamed at, cursed at. If I couldn't get a photograph, then it didn't happen in their eyes."

"We are absolutely certain as we sit here that we did not know about the video, and the photos," said FJC spokesman Matt Horace.

Horace said Jackson had not made any official complaints.

"That's 100 percent false," responded Jackson.

Jackson, a former Marine who claims he had no prior disciplinary issues, was suddenly fired from his job in late May.

"He was fired for not performing and mismanagement of duty," said Horace.

Jackson believes It's because he'd notified the Port Authority, which oversees JFK operations.

He's now suing for wrongful termination.

"He came forward and reported misconduct, he reported safety violations and they did not like it and they fired him," said Jackson's attorney Bryan Konoski.

Asked whether people are in danger at Kennedy Airport, Jackson said 'Absolutely. I don't mean to put a scare on people but I think it's important for them to know what's going on when they take off and land at JFK."

FJC maintains it has a zero tolerance for sleeping guards and has fired two of them as the result of those incriminating images.


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