Volunteers build new playground in White Plains

June 27, 2013 1:24:37 PM PDT
It was quite a scene Thursday in White Plains, where hundreds of volunteers came together to build a playground.

It is a playground designed by kids, and even more remarkable, built in just a matter of hours.

The colorful playground equipment was not assembled when the day began, but the volunteers got the job done.

"This morning when we got here there was nothing," said volunteer Chris Cillis. "And I think the kids are going to be so excited when they see it and everybody's going to love it."

"Something like this is truly needed. Kids need exercise today and so we're here to help," said volunteer Rosina Palopoli.

Working with the Westchester County Office of Family Services, most of the volunteers were from the Morgan Stanley Company's local office.

"This is a very easy decision for me to give back," said volunteer Patricia Thomas.

It is built behind the neighborhood community center.

The project was planned and managed by the not for profit called 'Kaboom', which has done this before.

"Kaboom is dedicated to making sure that each kid has a safe place to play within walking distance of their home," said project manager Kristin Karcsch.

Planners spoke to local kids about what their 'dream' playground would look like.

"We're very happy that we got a chance to build this, not only for the kids of the program, but for the community," said day care teacher Anna Severino.

Kids are not able to use the playground just yet, as the concrete sets that holds the pieces in place, but they will have quality play time for years to come.