Kids have access to porn at library, lawmaker says

July 10, 2013 4:07:21 PM PDT
A New York State Assemblyman is claiming that kids have access to pornography in New York City's public libraries, and wants to do something about it.

Dov Hikind of Brooklyn says there are books that youngsters can check out that are inappropriate for children.

After getting complaints from his constituents, many of whom are devoutly religious Orthodox Jews, Hikind conducted his own investigation and found erotic fiction was easily accessible at several branches.

Hikind's staff collected the books at four branches in Brooklyn, many of them having graphic covers and suggestive titles.

Under the current system, children 13 and older can check out any book.

Some can use the self-checkout system so they don't have any interaction with an adult.

Hikind says he is not asking for censorship.

He believes adults have the right to read the books, but he believes the library must do more to make it harder for children to get their hands on inappropriate materials.

"This should not be accessible for young people, that is the issue, and it is right there in your local library, these titles, basically pornography," said Hikind.

We reached out to the library and received this statement from a spokesperson.

"Brooklyn Public library's policy on access to library materials follows the guidelines set forth by the American Library Association, which opposes restrictions on access to library services, materials and facilities. However, BPL is committed to ensuring that our young patrons only have access to materials that are age appropriate."

The statement went on to say that children under 13 must have parental approval to access books other than juvenile materials.