Subway stabbing victim speaks about attack

July 11, 2013 7:37:28 PM PDT
The passenger who was stabbed on a subway on the Upper East Side is speaking out about the terrifying attack.

The victim was attacked by a homeless woman who on Monday went berserk with a knife.

The victim ran into Bloomingdale's where the staff saved her and called police.

"Literally tried to kill me, I mean, she tried to kill me," said Heather Burke, subway attack victim.

Heather Burke says she still can't fully wrap her mind around the totally random and horribly vicious attack.

Monday morning just before 10, she was getting off the number 6 train at 59th and Lexington when literally out of nowhere, the woman sitting across from her, 31-year-old Ashley Jacob, pounced.

"A lady jumped on top of me and was attacking me," Burke said.

Stunned and badly hurt, she tried to crawl to safety, but Jacob wouldn't stop.

She was relentlessly pounding her with her fists and plunging a kitchen knife into Burke.

"She only got me once in the stomach but the stab wound was so bad and so deep," Burke said.

She began to lose blood fast.

Eventually, several men in the station restrained Jacob.

Security at nearby Bloomingdales cuffed her.

Finally, Heather was able to look down.

"So I kind of pulled up my dress and my stomach was gushing blood, and I looked down and all around me there was just blood, it was awful," Burke said.

She was rushed to the hospital, her 18-year-old daughter Taylor got there a short time later.

"I saw like all the way through her arm and I saw her stomach it was horrible, I thought I'd never see her again," Taylor said.

As deep as her wounds were, none of them would prove to be fatal, but she needed emergency surgery.

Just a day later, Heather and Taylor were back home together trying to make sense of something that will never make sense.

"It's hard to reconcile but I'm sure in time I will. I'm sure in time I will feel fortunate and happy that I'm still here and that I will recover and I'm OK but it will take a while," Burke said.