Hugh Jackman speaks out about alleged stalker

Hugh Jackman in Sydney, Australia, Nov. 18, 2008. (Mark Baker)

July 16, 2013 1:31:15 PM PDT
He was once named the 'Sexiest Man Alive', and his summer hit 'The Wolverine' hits theaters next week.

But actor Huge Jackman is now speaking out about something very personal and frightening for him and his family: the woman accused of stalking him.

The family of the woman has publicly thanked Jackman for his understanding after she allegedly accosted him, his wife and his 7-year old daughter this past spring.

Katherine Thurston, a woman who relatives say is bipolar, remains behind bars on felony charges and the star is getting ready for the opening of his film.

"The Wolverine" strikes fear in the hearts of bad guys everywhere.

But the star who plays him is one of the nicest guys around.

Just ask Jackman's neighbors in Lower Manhattan. "He tries to live a normal like just like everybody else," said a neighbor.

So it came as a real shock when Jackman was confronted at his gym in the West Village by a woman who police said accosted him with an electric razor.

"Certainly that situation did make me reassess the way I handled life," said Jackman. "Being Australian, I value the idea of bringing up my family in as normal a way as possible, giving them the kind of upbringing I had: you can walk the street, do what you want."

Jackman was not one of those stars who feared trouble.

"And, I always shunned the idea of security details. I felt that sort of attitude actually brought it on," he said.

That changed when Katherine Thurston asked him to marry her and allegedly confessed to showing up at his daughter's school.

"Ultimately the priority is protection and looking after your family, and I didn't want to be naive about the situation I'm in, and things have settled down now, and it's just something I watch carefully. I don't feel overwhelmed by it, but it is something I have to keep an eye on," said Jackman.

Katherine Thurston remains on Rikers Island until her next court date.

Members of her family have said they are relieved that she remains in custody and hopeful she can get the help she needs.

Jackman's new film opens a week from Friday.