Children celebrate Halloween 9 months after Sandy

July 31, 2013 2:52:01 PM PDT
Children who had their Halloween wiped away by Superstorm Sandy, put on their costumes and collected candy. It doesn't matter to them that it's mid-summer.

"Superstorm Sandy came and it was all devastation, so we didn't get to go trick or treating, but now, since we missed it, we're having it here at Camp Malibu and it's really fun," said Jamie Bernstein, a day camp participant.

They are campers at the Malibu Day Camp. As for the Halloween party, it was camp founder Butch Yamali's idea.

"Well, people had already bought their costumes in anticipation of Halloween, because the storm was on the 29th and Halloween was on the 31st, so everybody had their stuff and they were ready to go, but nobody had the chance to use them," said Butch Yamali, Camp Malibu founder.

Yes, it may be July 31st, but they're getting lots of Halloween candy and those behind this event feel they deserve it.

Their communities were devastated by Sandy, which left families displaced from their homes.

"How did you feel to miss Halloween last time, Lacey?" Eyewitness News asked.

"It felt pretty bad. It's one of the things I really, you know, it's pretty fun to do, go around, and it was hard not to have it," said Lacey Eberhart, a day camp participant.

Lacey's dad, Darren Eberhart, works for the Parks Department at Lido Beach.

"We lost our house, our bulk heading, our whole yards, my garage, boats, you name it, we lost everything," Darren Eberhart said.

There are signs of recovery and rebuilding, and that spirit was clear at the Halloween party.

"It just feels fun because I'm here with all my counselors and friends and my kid friends that are my age and the younger kids, it's just fun," said Cole Parenti, a day camp participant.