ING NYC Marathon runner returning after accident

August 16, 2013 11:55:19 AM PDT
Upper East Side Runner Suzanne Turner ran two NYC marathons in late 80s early 90s. She remained fit and continued running. Then during a run in late December last year she was badly hurt.

"I was running on a beautiful day. I remember kids sledding on fresh snow. I was doing an easy 6 mile loop and woke up in a hospital and no recollection of what happened," Turner said.

Entered into the hospital as a Jane Doe, she spent 5 days in hospital, 10 in rehab, then 5 months recovering.

"I had nerve damage visual impairment and walking difficult - regain vision was monumental," she said.

Resolved that she'll never truly know what happened, Turner longed to return to running.

"I'm running this year to culminate my recovery from an accident on Dec 30th," she said.

This time she is reaching out to Team for Kids to help her get ready for her third NYC marathon - she wants the support for nutrition counseling and training runs. But she also is thankful for the role fitness has played in her life. She was in good shape when her accident happened which likely helped in her recovery. Turner wants to mentor young girls who are chosing running, an activity she sees as a lifelong endeavor.

"I look forward to race and run in my 60s and 70s," Turner said.

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