Car slams into house in Arden Heights, Staten Island

September 4, 2013 2:50:56 PM PDT
Talk about a rude awakening. Alonso Alunan, 67, was fast asleep in his bed next to his wife at 5 o'clock Wednesday morning when suddenly a car came barreling into the house.

"It was just a boom!! And then I hear all the glass coming down," Alunan said.

"The car must've been coming down the block at 70 miles per hour. We heard the crash. There were 3 kids running down the block saying, 'I'm hurt, I'm hurt,'" neighbor Anthony Cicale said.

Witnesses say 3 young men ran away, but they were eventually captured. Police say the driver of the car, 21-year-old Joseph Jamaleddine, was charged with driving while impaired even though his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit. Police also charged Jamaleddine with 2 counts of felony criminal mischief and leaving the scene of an accident.

Meanwhile, the Alunans didn't know what hit them. In fact, they forgot they were even here on Staten Island.

"We just came back from a cruise and I thought that I was still on the ship, because I heard somebody saying, 'get out, get out.' That was one of the kids," Alunan said.

Other residents on Hampton Circle are concerned because it's not the first time someone's raced around this road.

"People, for some reason, think this is Daytona and God forbid a kid gets hit, then what?" Jeremiah Roman said.

The Alunan's house is not livable right now, but it's clear things could have been worse.

"If it hit the furnace, there could've been an explosion. Thank God that didn't happen," contractor Michael Hoffman said.