Funeral for man who died during NYPD raid on Brooklyn home

September 7, 2013 12:16:07 PM PDT
Family and friends gathered Saturday to say goodbye to a father of eight who they say was literally scared to death during a police raid at his Brooklyn home.

A funeral is being held for Carlos Alcis.

His family says the 43-year old died of a heart attack as the NYPD wrongfully raided his home last month.

Police were searching for a man suspected of punching a woman and stealing her cell phone.

An attorney for the family says they don't know how police got into their apartment.

Insisting police barged into their apartment in a frightening early morning raid, the distraught family has accused the NYPD of invading their home, a privacy intrusion so startling they believe it might have caused their father's fatal heart attack.

"When we woke up there were flashlights in our faces. We saw 10 police officers in the basement," said Imanuel Alcis, the victim's son.

The police claim the suspect was seen entering the building. That's when they started knocking on doors.

Police say the father Carlo Alcis opened his door. Police questioned the sons and determined they were not suspects, but then the father went into cardiac arrest.