NYPD wants iPhone users to download iOS 7

September 23, 2013 3:35:09 PM PDT
Next to cash, iPhones are the most stolen item in New York.

Now the NYPD has some strong advice about how to protect them.

It turns out the "Find my iPhone" app is more than just a convenient way for parents to check out where their kids are.

It's also a way to protect your information, smart phones, especially iPhones, are ubiquitous.

It seems like everyone has one.

But they're targets for thieves looking to cash in on the newest technology.

It's why the NYPD is encouraging iPhone users to download Apple's newest operating software called iOS 7.

It has new security measures to deter theft; including a password protected "find my iPhone" feature.

The police department has been canvassing the boroughs handing out fliers encouraging people to download the software.

Over the weekend, police set up tables at Apple and Best Buy stores to get people to sign up with the department's Operation ID program.

"If I ever lose the phone I can find it immediately no matter where is from a computer," said Emily Vineda, an iPhone user.

"Overall I do like the fingerprint scanner; it makes me feel more secure about it," said Brandon Martinez, an iPhone user.

Since May, there have been 114 cases of cops using the "find my iPhone" application on their own phones or department issued phones to recover stolen property.

That's led to 159 arrests and the recovery of 99 iPhones, 7 iPads, 2 iPods and 1 MacBook.

"Every day in the newspaper or see you on the news, somebody's getting snatched or something from their iPhone," said Ted King, an iPhone user.

It's an unintended cost of technology, how to keep your gadgets safe and secure.