Review: "Baggage Claim", "Don Jon", and "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2"

September 27, 2013 2:16:40 PM PDT
Three different movies are opening up in theaters this weekend, and all three are quite different.

There are films for adults, and children.

The thought of flying anywhere is so stressful you can be forgiven for not wanting to go see a movie called "Baggage Claim", but the title in this case also refers to the 'emotional' baggage of previous relationships, which, in the case of Paula Patton's character, are quite numerous!

It's hard to imagine why flight attendant 'Montana Moore' is still single.

She's smart, sexy and kind, and just like Paula Patton who plays her, Mo's smile lights up a room.

So it doesn't make too much sense that she'd have to date a series of ex-boyfriends, during a race to the altar with her younger sister.

Her trip through the recycling bin of former relationships ends just where I thought it would, close to home.

There's nothing here Tyler Perry hasn't done better, and I actually got more entertainment from the running commentary, provided by the lively crowd at a screening I attended.

The jokes from the seats were funnier than any in the film.

Joseph Gordon Levitt grew up in L.A., Scarlet Johanssen in Manhattan.

But their characters are from 'Jersey', in the new film he wrote and directed.

'Don Jon' is a guy living a lie. He has no trouble bedding women, but finds watching pornography more satisfying than real sex.

Give the star credit for making a movie about a very real problem, one that is not unique to his generation, but one that has grown worse in the Internet age. And I loved the solution to his problem.

The relationship between this guy and a woman decades older is the best part of this movie which never quite lives up to its bold premise.

The by-play between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlett Johansson has received the most attention, but his best moments come with Julianne Moore.

Next: if you hae kids, you no doubt know already the sequel to one of the biggst hits for children is in theaters this weekend in 3D.

Inventor Flint Lockwood is back facing the food fallout caused by his machine in the first film.

That 2009 hit grossed almost a quarter of a billion dollars around the world, and parents who had to see it again and again know what is involved here.

Bill Hader is back to lend his voice to "Flint", joined by James Caan as his dad and an all-star cast.

Not quite as clever, but just as colorful.