Tips to avoid Obamacare scams

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October 1, 2013 2:41:31 PM PDT
The door is wide open for fraud because people are unsure of how the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, works. For example, a fake ID, the Affordable Care Act Card, swindlers convinced consumers they needed to surrender all of that information to enroll. This was a scam, and there's plenty more where that came from.

If you get a call from someone saying they'll help you with the Obamacare plan, hang up and don't call the number back. It could be scammer fishing for information.

And don't trust caller ID, criminals have the technology to program any ID they want.

If it's a recorded robo-call do not press any buttons, that's all a con artist needs to prove there's a live person at your number, putting you on a sucker's list for identity thieves.

"If there's any crack or crevice they can crawl through they will," said Adam Levin, of

Former New Jersey Consumer Affairs Director and creator of Identity Theft 911, Adam Levin says confusion over Obamacare will be used by con artists to capitalize and steal your identity.

"And the best way to be careful is you need be in control, you need to do the vetting," Levin said.

Remember the federal government mostly communicates through the US mail.

If you receive a text or an email asking to assist you with insurance enrollment never answer with social security numbers or bank account numbers.

Also beware of anyone showing up unsolicited at your door.

"There's 90,000 people, the idea that a navigator is going to go to your door, it's just not going to work that way," Levin said.

Instead Jeffrey Richardson of the Urban League of Bergen County says they'll hold events and have a navigator stationed at drop in centers like theirs in Englewood.

"You have a little bit of time, you don't have to do it right now today, you can go to and get as informed as you can," said Jeffrey Richardson, of the Urban League of Bergen County.

When you go to the official site,, don't use your browser to find it, you may be directed to a dummy website websites that will charge you a fee and steal your ID.

"Most important thing is be paranoid, be vigilant, always be aware," Levin said.


Affordable Care Act website

For information in New York State, please visit or call 855-355-5777.

For information in New Jersey, please or call 800-318-2596.

For information in Connecticut, please visit