Long Island students learning with help of classroom robot

October 2, 2013 2:40:59 PM PDT
It's not everyday you see a robot helping children learn. But some middle school students on Long Island are getting some help thanks to some unique technology.

You've probably never seen 7th grade kids having so much fun in a computer class.

But if you were programming a robot, you'd probably have fun too.

It's really easy to make NAO do whatever you can thnk of.

And if you need proof that NAO, as this little guy is called, is doing a good job. Just listen to the way these 11 year olds talk.

"This is very advanced technology, this is the next generation of our lives. This is going to be our housemates, our drivers, our taxi drivers," said student Arpan Bhomia.

"I've programmed it with entire novels so it can read whole books to you," said student Zack Slansky.

These kids at Stimson Middle School in South Huntington are the first on Long Island to have access to this amazing technology.

It was developed by a local company called Teq.

"There are lots of jobs coming back from China in the manufacturing sector that are not going to be done by humans, they're going to be done by robots," said Teq CEO Damian Scarfo.

They've found that Nao is also helping kids with learning disabilities.

"Students with special needs have this connection with technology. It's the tinkering, the gadgets," said Teq's Scott Sheridan.