'Scandal's' star likes to keep work and life separate

Sandy Kenyon has the latest on the hit ABC drama.
October 10, 2013 8:32:27 PM PDT
The plot thickens on "Scandal" as does the notoriety for Kerry Washington, playing the infamous role of Olivia Pope.

The instant fame comes with its ups and downs, but for Washington, one thing for sure that's off limits is her private life.

Kerry Washington is a strong woman and she plays one on T.V.

"Scandal" may have made her famous but just like the crisis manager she plays so well, the actress is determined to keep her private-life off limits.

For example, she participated in a cover story without telling "Vanity Fair" she had secretly married and those around her carefully protect her privacy.

"There's nothing scandalous about getting married," Eyewitness News said.

"There's nothing scandalous about getting married," said Columbus Short, "Scandal" actor.

Maybe not, but Kerry took special care to make sure her co-stars would not be left in the dark or have to hear about her marriage in the press.

"She called me the day after. She called all of us the day after and let us know of her news," said Darby Stanchfield, "Scandal" actress.

By all accounts the members of this cast are close and the way she chose to keep them informed meant a lot.

"She thinks about her cast members and her friends. She wants us to feel involved in her life," said Guillermo Diaz, "Scandal" star.

Those who knew her well could see this coming.

"I was only slightly surprised because I knew; I guessed that that might be in the offing sometime soon, but I'm just so happy for her," said Tony Goldwyn, "Scandal" actor.

Happy, yes! But even now, Kerry doesn't care to comment.

"You see, they'll talk about my personal life but I won't. I'll let them do that, but thank you," said Kerry Washington, "Scandal" star.