Biker testifies at grand jury into motorcycle road rage case

Darla Miles interviewed Clint Caldwell in Lower Manhattan
October 16, 2013 3:12:17 PM PDT
Another motorcycle rider charged in last month's assault on an SUV driver is speaking out about what happened.

The biker testified before a grand jury on Wednesday. Clint Caldwell and his attorney talked to us outside the courthouse in Lower Manhattan.

Caldwell's attorney said his client chose to make a statement before the grand jury in the hopes that they would not indict him on gang assault and assault charges.

He says Caldwell only followed Alexian Lien's SUV. He says at the time his client believed Lien was a hit and run driver, and he instructed Lien to stop.

He maintains that Caldwell did not strike Lien or the SUV. Caldwell says he was just trying to be a good guy.

MILES: Do you feel like a load has been lifted to a certain extent?
CALDWELL: Not yet. When everything is over, then I'll feel that way. For now, no. I feel good, though, still.
MILES: Lots of defendants do not testify before a grand jury, but you did because?
CALDWELL: I'm innocent.

The grand jury proceedings are done in private, so no comment from the district attorney's office. We will hear only if the grand jury decides to indict Caldwell or not.

Two bikers have been formally indicted on gang assault charges.

Lien was celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife and child on September 29 when their Range Rover was surrounded by motorcyclists on the West Side Highway. Lien's SUV bumped the back of one of the motorcycles. When angry bikers began pounding on the vehicle, police said Lien hit the gas, striking multiple motorcycles and critically injuring one of the bikers.

The bikers then pursued the SUV until they caught up on West 178th Street and surrounded the vehicle. The bikers are seen on video smashing the vehicle with their helmets. Police said he was eventually pulled Lien from the vehicle and began beating him until good Samaritans came to his aid.