Pop-up clothing store opens in Union Square station

Dray Clark has the story
October 18, 2013 2:37:21 PM PDT
It's getting easier to run errands during your commute.

Stores are opening in subway stations.

In one of New York's busiest subways, Union Square, the owners of Uniqlo Lifewear hope the MTA's idea of putting retail near the rails works.

"We have parkas and we have jackets, all colors and all sizes," said Dario Nieva, Uniqlo store manager.

The Japanese owned clothing chain made a deal with the MTA to open a "pop-up" shop for three months in the subway.

The chain has other locations but this is the first and only underground pop-up.

"We're trying to see how it goes to see how it affects our brand and how people and how people like the product," Nieva said.

The MTA is offering businesses month to month leases to move into empty subway retail spaces.

The transit agency first experimented with the pop up store concept last summer.

It's a short term idea that MTA officials hope will lead to long term contracts with retailers.

"We get to show our brand to new customers and MTA gets to show off how this can be a viable location for other retailers," Nieva said.

Uniqlo is selling its winter gear, a colorful collage of coats that are small enough to fit into a bag.

"They come with bags and you can fold them," Nieva said.

Convenience, a good fit, and the right color were enough to get the deal done with this customer who was looking for a winter coat.

"It's very light and nice and it feels so soft, very soft," the customer said.

It's a new way of doing business for the MTA and good exposure for a company looking to make its mark in the fashion and retail capitol of the world, New York.