Pregnant worker robbed at gunpoint in donut shop

Jim Dolan reports from Kenilworth.
October 23, 2013 8:23:01 PM PDT
There is disturbing new video of a donut shop in New Jersey being robbed at gunpoint.

And the robber who was cool, calm, and vicious pointed a gun at a pregnant worker.

It happened in the Union County Borough of Kenilworth at a Dunkin Donuts.

He is so relaxed when he comes in to the store that he asks for a taste of ice cream, which the young woman behind the counter gives him.

But soon, the whole encounter changes, watch as the woman pulls away when he first shows the gun, and in moments they are walking toward the cash register.

The manager behind the counter opens the register and eventually is told to fill a paper bag with cash.

He does, but it's not enough. The gunman, nervous now, starts looking around and, walks back into frame and puts the gun right to the pregnant woman's head, demanding more cash.

"The clerk, at that point I think was in shock, and she didn't really know what to do but he had demanded that the safe be opened," said Lt. Timothy Dowd, Kenilworth Police Department.

But there is no more money to get. The workers don't have access to the safe, and the gunman has been in the store a long time.

The gunman is described as a Hispanic male in his mid-twenties, about 5'5" tall, with a husky build.

His baseball cap is black with a yellow logo on it. Police are worried he's going to strike again.

"We believe so. That's why we are coming to you in an effort to help them get it out to the public," Dowd said.